Empowering the Spirit ONLINE Part One


As part of the evolutionary shift occurring on the planet, we are being guided to activate the full power of our Spirit, calming our ego and living from our heart in order to fulfill our sacred contracts. This online course will teach you to ignite your Soul’s full potential through an original process of self-inquiry designed to activate deep levels of healing, self-awareness and higher states of consciousness and to provide models of how to live in alignment with New Earth frequencies.

Empowering the Spirit ONLINE Part 1 is the first in a series of two online courses. Following the structure from my book, EMPOWERING THE SPIRIT: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential, (click link to Buy Book at Amazon.) this 6-week course will teach you how to align your individual expression with your soul essence and soul contracts. This is a self-directed course and ideal for those who love to journal and who connect with their inner wisdom through guided meditation. One chapter of the book will be covered each week with 2 classes offered per chapter. In addition there will be many supplementary exercises and meditations. However, you will have access to the material for a year in order to adapt it to your particular needs. You will be amazed at how deeply you will be able to go in your own process.

The next round of this course will begin Sunday, January 3, 2016 (See the course outline below). Fee for the course is $297.00.

January, 2016 special:  Take Empowering Online for $75

There will be no preview call for the January, 2016 course.

Preview calls generally occur 2 weeks prior to a new round beginning.  This is an  informational call open to anyone who is interested. There will be 3 optional group calls during the course which will be available only to registered students. The first call will be a week after the course begins.  The remaining calls will be scheduled two weeks apart.  Empowering the Spirit is required reading, and I would recommend the new print edition (see link above), but the kindle edition and older versions are options. Register.

These classes can also be taken for credit through Venus Rising University.

Course Outline

Class 1: From the Beginning

  • Spirit-directed vs. Ego-Driven
  • Identifying Pretense
  • Setting Intention

Class 2: The Art of Self-Observation

  • Noticing Judgment
  • Dancing with Our Shadow
  • What is our environment really telling us?

Class 3: Power, Empowerment and the Patriarchy

  • The Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine Within
  • Clarifying the difference between Power and Empowerment
  • Images of New Social Institutions with the Healthy Balance of the Sacred Male and Female

Class 4: Identifying and Transforming Blocks to Full Empowerment

  • Identifying Ways we hold back our Power and Mistrust our Perceptions
  • Uncovering Early Feelings of “Unworthiness”
  • Visualizing Yourself at Full Soul Potential

Class 5: Balancing Our Energy System to Access New Levels of Wholeness

  • Identifying your areas of strength and of weakness
  • Strategies for Change
  • Communing With Our Charka System

Class 6: Chakras and Our Soul Potential

  • 3rd Chakra Assessment & Our Sense of Identity
  • Igniting Your Unique Purpose
  • Finding Our Voice

Class 7: Getting Free

  • Identifying and Shifting Victimization and Suffering
  • Developing Accurate Self-Perception
  • Living With a Sense of Abundance

Class 8: Bringing Our Empowered Selves into an Empowered World

  • Taking an Objective Look at Our Belief System
  • Limitless Perception
  • Meeting Our Empowered Self

Class 9: Pre-birth Choices

  • Generation, Gender and Geography
  • “Perfect” Parents for our Soul Development
  • Hard Day at Earth School

Class 10: Pre-birth Contracts

  • Living in Proper Alignment with 3D Reality
  • Taking Full Responsibility
  • Soul Contracts

Class 11: Our Multidimensional Nature

  • Understanding and Working with the Horizontal Axis of Our Soul
  • Our Light and Our Shadow
  • Welcoming Our Magnificence

Class 12: Daily Life Aligned with Spirit

  • Envisioning Life from Full Soul Potential
  • Unconditional Love for Our Multidimensional Soul
  • Self-Assessment, Resistances & Strategies and Where We Go From Here