Empowering the Spirit ONLINE Part Two

Empowering ONLINE Part Two is a 3-week course with 6 classes designed for you to utilize your new level of individual growth to create and sustain new-paradigm relationships, families and communities, and to vision New Earth social models. As a student, you will continue with the process offered in Part One but now the emphasis will be on creating new ways of living in a society based on New Earth principles. (Part One is a pre-requisite unless you have permission from the instructor.)

This 3-week course focuses on Part 2 of Empowering the Spirit:  A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential. The activation and healing which occurred in Part One now becomes woven into a social process as you are taught ways of stepping into evolved interactions and connections with others. The course also includes 2 phone conferences, in addition to the 2 weekly classes accessed through the website. Classes will begin sometime is 2015 for the special introductory fee of $45.

These classes can also be taken for credit through Venus Rising University.

Course Outline

Topics include:

  • Healing our relationships with partners, children, siblings, friends and colleagues
  • Healing our families and creating evolved family models
  • Understanding and creating spiritual community
  • Visioning and activating a New Earth based on these principles.

The first 5 classes will each cover the last 3 chapters of the book; the 6th class will be specifically geared to visioning and activating New Earth social models.