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A Zoom Course to Activate Your 5D Frequency

Begins January 8th, 2023

For thousands of years, our star ancestry, which provided us with a high consciousness nature, was shut down. During this time, most humans have only been able to access two out of our 12 strands of DNA. Stuck in the duality of lower dimensional frequencies, suffering abounded.  Now is the time to reverse this, to reclaim who we are meant to be and more actively participate in creating New Earth.

This 10-week course will take you to a deeper and more personalized experience of this very exciting evolutionary passage as outlined in my book, Activating Your 5D Frequency. Classes will begin on Sunday, January 8th from 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time, and will continue each Sunday until March 19th. There will be a one-week break with no class on February 12th.

Each weekly class, based on a chapter from Activating Your 5D Frequency, will include a guided meditation, teaching and group sharing.  You will tap into your ancestral memory and inner wisdom to:

  • Understand and shift fears keeping you from your 5D birthright
  • Experience yourself more fully as a multidimensional being
  • Transform beliefs that keep you stuck in 3D consciousness
  • Activate and connect with your unique contribution to creating New Earth
  • Share a group experience of visioning with your 5D global team to bring the 5D frequencies onto our plane 

Course fee is $250.00.  Early bird is $190.00 by December 18th.  If you are a subscriber, you can put in your coupon code and get the discounted early bird on the registration page. All classes are recorded and available the day after the live class. Click for More Information




Activating Your 5D Frequency:  A Guidebook for the Journey into Higher Dimensions was released in May of 2020.

This book helps us navigate the profound evolutionary transition of reclaiming the 5th dimensional consciousness encoded in our DNA and shows how it is from this consciousness we will envision and create a New Earth based on love, peace, harmony, and honoring the interconnection of all.


A 4-week Zoom Class to Claim Who We’ve Come Here to Be

Begins Again May 2023

More and more of us are becoming aware that Earth is not our ancestral home. We are sensing or remembering living in advanced, loving, and harmonious worlds – worlds of highly developed technologies, where all of creation is honored.

While we love this beautiful planet, we have been appalled at the pain, suffering, injustice, and abuse going on for millennia.  We’ve been called to reincarnate on Earth at this time to bring our star wisdom and consciousness back here once again, as we did in Lemuria and Atlantis.

This is a challenging journey.  The more we understand it and support ourselves and each other through these challenges, the stronger our 5D vibration and the 5D vibration of the Earth becomes, which brings us ever closer to creating the spiritually awakened planet we all deserve to live on.

Join me for this 4-week class, Sundays 2:30 – 4:00 Eastern Daylight time.  All classes are recorded and available to all students the day after each class.  Course fee is $225.00.  Early bird discount  $175.00.  If you are a subscriber or become one, you are eligible for the discount until the class begins.  Use coupon code:  SUB175

Each weekly class will include teachings, guided meditations and group sharing. 

Students will:

  • Explore your soul origin and how it relates to this lifetime
  • Deepen Your Navigational Tools to Move Through Personal & Collective Polarity
  • Step More fully into Unity Consciousness and Heart Wisdom
  • Identify and Break Through Fears and Resistances
  • Access Pre-birth Agreements to Carry Out Your Current Mission
  • Light Up More of Your Star DNA

Registration Opening in 2023

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Email Judith at healingconcepts@hotmail.com for any questions or concerns.









I am excited to announce that the newest format of Empowering ONLINE, is now available. Not only can you start (and finish) this course whenever it is convenient for you, I will be offering personal feedback when you post on the student bulletin board to help you process your insights as they arise in the course.  This will create an even more transformational experience.

As part of the evolutionary shift occurring on the planet, we are being guided to activate the full power of our spirit, calming our ego and living from our heart in order to fulfill our sacred contracts. This online course will teach you to ignite your soul’s full potential through an original process of self-inquiry designed to activate deep levels of healing, self-awareness and higher states of consciousness and to provide models of how to live in alignment with new earth frequencies. Fee $297.00  Course information.

Empowering the Spirit ONLINE will unleash your full soul potential, take you more fully into both your authentic self and your sacred purpose, and activate your co-creative abilities in a way that not only transforms your life, but life on our planet. You will be guided through a deep process of transformation to explore the psychological and spiritual issues that have propelled your life, and be given numerous tools to shift any dysfunction that stands in your way of achieving optimal health in body, mind, emotion and Spirit.  It is a companion process to my award-winning book:  EMPOWERING THE SPIRIT: A Process to Activate Your Soul Potential  —  Print version recommended. Kindle version available. 


By offering this online class through my website, you will gain many of the benefits of my personal development workshops without having to leave home and at a fraction of the cost. As a student, you will also have total scheduling flexibility, “attending” your class at whatever time works best for you. This course is designed to last six weeks but the material will be available to you for a full year, allowing you to work with it at your own pace. To experience some of the meditations from the course, please go to my You Tube channel:   Wisdom Within Us 

How the Course Works:

When you attend my online course, you will be directed to a class link. The link will take you to a page which will include that day’s teachings and three assignments for personal and spiritual growth. There is an audio recording embedded on the page to allow you to listen to my voice in addition to reading the posted material. The three assignments will consist of a variety of self-awareness exercises, journal questions, and meditations designed to activate deep transformation. After each class, you will have the opportunity to share the new growth and insights you are gaining through posting on the online bulletin board.  I will read your posts and respond via email. I also offer students 2 private 1/2 hour phone calls throughout the class to ask questions, and process your insights with me for more personalized guidance.    Course Outline

I am also offering 2 new options for EmpoweringOnline Part 1. You may now work the course individually on your own schedule.  To learn more about this, feel free to contact me.  Or if you have a group of friends or spiritual seekers who are interested in meeting together to work this curriculum, you may now set up your own group.  (Minimum 4 participants.)  This will include 2 Skype or Zoom sessions with me and your own bulletin board. Read course description and testimonials below.  For more information email:  healingconcepts@hotmail.com. I look forward to you joining me for both these special offerings. This class will spark your full soul potential and bring your gifts forward to fully participate in transforming our planet and ushering in a new Golden Age based on love and higher consciousness.


This course was a deeply personal and insightful journey into my psyche. Each lesson opened more doors into the unconscious longings that stirred just below the surface. With Judith’s inspiring meditations, along with the written words online and in the book, I found new directions with which to focus my energies and creativity. I also discovered things about myself that I did not know and found answers to questions that have plagued me for many years. I highly recommend this course as a way to work into a higher vibrational path. I loved the bulletin board and the interaction with other students as well as Judith’s thoughtful responses.  I look forward to Judith’s next offering online.” Ruth S. – IL

After breaking my foot and having to slow down, the Empowering the Spirit on-line course was perfect for going within and reflecting on what was happening in my life. For two months I gave myself the luxury to be with me, to focus on what I was dreaming, visioning, creating, mis-creating and letting go of, to make room for more of my spirit to show up. It was perfect. Judith has a wise and gentle, but firm approach to the difficult terrain of beliefs and conditioning. Her transmissions led me to exactly where I needed to go to find the cobwebs in the corners of my psyche, and lead me back out again. Her teachings on consciousness remind us of why we are really here on earth. My soul feels lighter!”   Anyaa Mc. NC

“Empowering the Spirit is a truly transformational process. Through reading the book and taking Judith’s online class, I was able to uncover old patterns and beliefs that have been holding me back from discovering my soul’s purpose and potential. The curriculum gives each of us a spy glass to see how our egos and childhood beliefs have interfered with the direct links to our spirits and intuitive wisdom. Judith then gives us the tools to acknowledge and work through the blockages that keep our energy from flowing freely and inhibit us from accessing our connection to Spirit. Although there is no magic pill that can reset our systems so we live in harmony with our intuition and spirits, this book/course provides insight into how we can each take steps to empower our spirits and arrive at a higher level of being. Through meditations, journaling and self-observation, Judith helped me peel back the layers of “self” and see that I am part of the interconnected divinity of the universe. Everything I’ve ever searched for is within me, I just have to adjust the way I perceive the world to see it. The journey isn’t over when you close the book, but it will be a handy reference if you get lost along the way. I highly recommend this book/course to anyone who is interested in exploring themselves and the universe. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.”  Michelle M. CA

Thank you, Judith, for creating this course.  Every time I read your book I find a new jewel of information. The course helped me get back on my path; made me think about my spirituality in this lifetime; opened my mind to creating and envisioning the life I want…the life I have every right to have.  Each class was very user friendly; loved the audio part and meditations and the innumerable suggestions to help get past snags/traps on my path.  It was a wealth of information.”  Janice R. IL

“Empowering the Spirit is a terrific book! For those looking for help along life’s spiritual path, it is instructive and thought-provoking, providing guidance for how to identify and work through the challenges we bring to our lives in ways that engender lasting change. The on-line course takes it all one-step further – it is like having your own personal guide to help you engage with these transformative ideas and implement the resulting ‘ah-ha’ moments. Judith’s commitment to helping us connect with our spirit and transform our lives is evident in the course materials as well as the periodic phone sessions built into the course structure. During these sessions Judith works with each participant on the areas we find most challenging. Its like getting a little boost -a leg up, of sorts – to help understand and get over our hurdles. Finally, the course is structured in such a way as to provide all the information needed to understand the theme, as well as meditations to help that along, but not too much to make it onerous. It can easily be accomplished around work and other commitments. For those looking for real connection and transformation, I can’t recommend it enough!” Karen K… West Virginia

“I was searching for answers when I came across this course online. My inner work had hit an impasse. I couldn’t get over it, around it or through it. I knew I needed to dig deeper but I either didn’t know how or I was afraid to find out.   This course provided me with the structure and tools to dig deeper and get past my fear. Judith gently walks you through the process step by step in the book but the extra work with the online course really brings it home. The outcome was life altering. I am not the same person today as when I started the course. I am no longer afraid and my approach to life has shifted. The answers have been so simple and yet complex. It’s as if I can see clearly for the first time. It has been an amazing journey.”  Barbara V., Illinois


SUNDAY COURSES TO EASE YOUR WAY  Zoom Hour-long Sunday Courses to Ease Your Way SERIES will begin again sometime in 2021.  Only $25.00. I’ve been called to offer these very simple, short, inexpensive but effective hour-long courses to deal with those ongoing themes that we humans tend to face again and again in our quest to heal and evolve.  The courses will offer short teachings on the subject, some experiential exercises and meditations and suggestions for how to keep these techniques handy when these themes recur.

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Perfectionism breeds discontent.  It robs us of our capacity to fully enjoy life.  It holds us in bondage to a standard that’s impossible to meet.  In whatever ways or areas we attempt to be perfect, we will simultaneously experience feelings of failure and unworthiness, and an ongoing sense that no matter how well we do something, it’s never good enough. Join me to learn how to free yourself from this dysfunctional pattern.  Register Now


Expectations, whether for ourselves or others typically create stress, disappointment and sorrow.  By holding beliefs of how our lives are supposed to be, or our children’s lives or other family members’ lives are supposed to be, we will find ourselves and/or others always coming up short.  Join me if you are ready to look and free yourself from the expectations that seem to let you down. Register Now  


To feel at our best and to operate at our fullest in the world, self-love, the ability to love ourselves unconditionally, is an essential quality for each of us.  Self-love is not narcissism where we only think about ourselves.  Rather it is a nurturing and encouraging energy that comes from our Spirit and allows us to thrive.  No matter what the outer circumstance, no matter what our part, we all deserve unconditional self-love.  Ready to gain new tools to bring a deeper version of self-love into your life, join me for this hour-long course.  Register Now


Losing energy or sleep worrying about loved ones?  Whether they are your children or spouses, parents or dear friends, each soul must have its own journey and we thrive when we learn fully how to honor this.  Join me to learn to differentiate between love and codependency, guidance and control, support and enabling as we explore new ways to honor the journeys of those we love.   Register Now


Judgement eats up our energy while disconnecting us from our Spirit.  Whether we are just being harsh on ourselves, those around us, or both, the vibration of judgment never feels good and never serves us well.  Join me to learn new tools and insights to keep judgement at bay. Register Now